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Soul "Eater" Evans ([personal profile] coolbeat) wrote2016-08-27 07:59 pm

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Soul isn't having a very good day. She received bad news from home in the morning, something which ruined everything to come. A comedy of errors at lunch had led to her not having anything to eat, which enforced the bad feelings. Later on at basketball, Black*Star had decided to tease her for being a girl, something which hasn't upset her since she was twelve. However, since she was already in low spirits, she powwed him right on the nose and got a scuffle in return. He didn't actually care if she was a girl; when it came down to it, he'd beat her up all the same.

Soul opens the door to the apartment very gingerly, wanting to try to sneak in without alerting her roommate. She knows if Maka sees the state that she's in, she'll get yelled at and booked to the head and all sorts of things. Not an enjoyable experience to cap off that already terrible day.

Sneak in, sneak in, channel Tsubaki and be a ninja because she's the coolest and Soul's cool too.

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